We have 245 secure units, which range in size from 3 to 36 square metres. All are clean, secure, fully alarmed and weatherproof with 24/7 access. If you're looking for self storage in Morisset, AClass has you covered!

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AClass Self Storage

‘A class above the others’

Storage Solutions are what we do best, with a ‘Specific Built’ storage facility (not a converted warehouse) you will experience Self Storage as it’s meant to be. All our units are ‘Drive Up’ this means you pull up outside your unit 24/7  and move your things straight in. It’s that simple!

Indoor storage may seem cheaper but don’t be fooled, you will need to ‘Double Handle’ all your storage!

Internal storage facilities are different, that’s because you may be required to load your goods onto trollies, wheel them down long corridors to your unit, unload then go back for the next load, imagine doing this with lounge suites, fridges and heavy cabinets. To make things worse if your unlucky enough to be on a mezzanine level you will need to wheel the trolley to the lift and then after waiting for other users to load and unload, you finally get to wheel the goods to your unit – and that’s if the lifts working, if not get ready to carry your goods up and down flights of stairs.

This double handling may on the surface seem to be a cheaper means of Storage, but it is tiring, time consuming and long arduous work and may even work out costing you more, especially if your paying for a removalist or truck by the hour.

Remember when it comes to Self Storage you get what you pay for, if you pay less chances are that’s what you’ll get. So don’t double handle your goods …our customers at AClass Self Storage don’t.

Cover Your Soft Furnishings. No matter how good a storage facility is, the unit itself will always attract elements of dust and moisture that are naturally in the air. We advise that to protect items like lounges, mattresses, pillows etc. you use plastic bags or covers. By covering your goods this will ensure they stay clean and fresh.

Ensure the Fridge is clean and Dry. If your fridge/freezer is not dry when put into storage it may well develop mildew.  It is advisable to leave the  door ajar whilst in storage.

Visit us at 9 Alliance Avenue, Morisset NSW 2264


Whatever you need to store, we have the space to suit. With 245 units which range in size from 3 to 36 square metres, all are clean, secure and weatherproof with 24/7 access.

Box shop & removal supplies
Undercover access
Excellent security
Free move-in trailer
Locally owned

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